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Scientific research shows that the storage capacity of human right brain is 10,000 times

Scientific research shows that the storage capacity of human right brain is 10,000 times that of left brain, and the memory potential of right brain is 1 million times that of left brain. But in real life, 95% of people use only 3% to 5% of the brain, and the rest are hidden in the subconscious of the right brain. In a large number of experimental studies, the famous Japanese educator Professor Maeda Makoto found that the human brain completed 60% of its development before the age of 3, 90% of its development before the age of 6, and the right brain was extremely developed before the age of 3.

Young parents should know that the baby's right brain potential will gradually lose in the process of growth, and the age of 0 to 6 years is the golden period for developing the baby's right brain. If we adopt the right education methods and flexible and diverse game activities in time to promote the development of your baby's right brain, your baby will have superb memory, creativity and imagination

Here are 8 parent-child games that promote the right brain development of babies aged 0 to 3 years:

Babies 0 to 3 years old: right brain development enlightenment

Game one: kick your legs, stretch your waist

How to play: Relax soothing classical music. Mom and Dad help the baby to do physical kinesthetic training: head and neck movements (front, back, left, right), arm exercises (front, back, left, right, extension and looping), legs Exercise (take your seated feet for adduction, abduction, flexion, extension, orbiting) and other exercises. Mom and dad are doing exercises for the baby, while looking at the baby's eyes, reading the password: one two three four, two two three four ...

Tip: This game is suitable for babies aged 0 to 1. The activities of the left part of the body are directed by the right brain, and the activities of the right part are directed by the left brain. Therefore, fathers and mothers often help the baby to exercise, which not only improves the flexibility and coordination of the baby's physical function, but also cultivates the concept of baby space and promotes the development of the right brain.

Game two: dancing

How to play: In the background of classical music, mom and dad lead the baby to dance, clap or do all kinds of moves they like according to the rhythm of the music. This game is suitable for babies of any age. For babies who can't walk yet, mothers can hold the babies to dance or dance to their hands and feet. When you hear the sound of a musical instrument, babies over 2 years old can try to imitate playing the instrument. For example: when listening to the violin music, imitate the appearance of playing the violin, when listening to the piano music, the left and right hands imitate the posture of pressing the keys. You can also let your baby play freely and dance with the rhythm of music.

Tip: Classical music has a great effect on baby's right brain development. With beautiful music accompaniment, the baby can make many beautiful and harmonious movements, which plays a role in promoting right brain thinking and activating right brain function.

Game Three: Like

How to play: Let your baby face a wall without too much visual stimulation. Mom and dad are holding picture cards or building blocks in their hands, and enter the baby's left eye vision from behind the baby's left ear. Ask the baby, "What do you think this looks like?" Ask him to answer questions with his rich imagination. Note: Don't ask "What is this?" It's easy to get a single answer, which restrains the child's imagination.

Tip: This game is suitable for babies 1 and a half to 3 years old. Imagination training can give more stimulation to the right brain cells. As long as your baby is not bored, you can often play imaginative games with him. For example, in sunny weather, father and mother can lie on the grass with the baby to observe the clouds in the sky, inspiring him to treat clouds of different shapes as animals, fairies, angels, etc. Don't underestimate your baby's curious inquiry activities, or goofy "crazy thinking", because these are the embryonic stages of creativity.

Game four: find friends

How to play: Spread out several letter cards and let your baby pair two identical letter cards. If the baby confuses two different letters with similar shapes, the parents can visually point out the differences while correcting the mistakes. For example, when interpreting the letter B, it can be described as an ear of a baby, and the letter P can be interpreted as a cane of grandpa.

Tip: This matching game is suitable for babies around 1 and a half years old. As the baby gets older, the matching game is gradually developed into a "categorization game". For example, please ask a baby about 2 years old to pair the pictures of the same animal in different poses into a pair; ask a baby 2 and a half to classify the pictures or the fruits and biscuits in the real thing.

Game five: throw paper balls

How to play: Take a basket, a vegetable basket or a laundry basket, then take some newspapers, wrap the newspapers into a ball, and make paper balls one by one. Mom, dad, and baby throw paper balls in turn. Each person throws 10, who to see The most balls thrown into the basket.

Tip: This sport game is suitable for babies over 2 years old. It requires the baby to control the movement of his little hand and make judgments on the spatial distance. These are all conducive to the development of the right brain of the baby.

Game Six: The Magic Tray

How to play: Leave the tissue box used at home, put some toys, sweets, fruits, etc. in it, let the baby touch it, ask him to say the name before taking it out, or give him instructions, ask him to take out Something comes. For older babies, you can give him negative instructions. Such as: "Please take out things that you can't eat" "Please take out things that are not round" and so on. In order to increase the interest, you can also use some reward methods. For example: if you get the right candy, you can reward the baby with the candy. If you get the wrong candy, the mother will eat the candy.

Tip: This sense training game is suitable for babies over 2 years old. This is a game of judging by touch and vision, which can promote the development of the right brain.

Game Seven: Guess who I am?

How to play: Father or mother make different animal calls in the bed, such as wolf, dog, lion, etc. Let the baby guess what animal is hiding in the bed.

Tip: This game is suitable for babies over 2 years old. This is a game of judging with hearing, which can also stimulate the baby's right brain function.

Game eight: stones, scissors, cloth

How to play: Play with a few toys and play "stone, scissors, cloth" with your baby. The whole process is done with your left hand. Whoever wins more wins.

Tip: This game is suitable for babies 2 to 3 years old. Using the left hand more often develops the right brain because the movements of the left hand are controlled by the right brain. Therefore, you can let your baby use his left hand to draw, grab toys, build blocks, and string beads ...